“Go On Get Creative”

Stay loyal to your Creativity because its a gift… -Pharrell

Sometimes I’m not so great with words, in conversation I mean , words can sometimes fail me and I find it difficult to express
a feeling in the moment when its most needed. That’s kinda why I started this little Blog. I do find it easier to jot down
the words on to a page as I think of them. I have a lot of Journals in various places around the house with random ramblings, sketches and quotes inside and interesting things people say to me or that I overhear. Also though I wanted to give people
a little insight in to the person behind the Art. For instance, I do tend to call myself a “Painter” rather than an “Artist”. At least you know exactly what I do. I show up everyday to the studio, I mix up sticky ,thick ,gloopy ,coloured stuff and I create images on a blank canvas. I am a figurative Painter so generally there will be humans in my Paintings .
Last weekend however I was a Painter of a different kind. I went from Canvas to Skirting Boards having a Paint brush of some design in my hand.You see my hubby is one of those, can put his hand to anything types, except electrics..
Two new Light fittings in the hall , fabulous, but
we wont mention the fact that I had to pee and Shower in the dark this morning…..
I am very lucky really. He is someone who can build things, great things and I must say my Hall ,Stairs and Landing
is looking pretty Hot.
It got me thinking though, Creativity is all around and yet its kinda taken for granted . Art like Play is often seen as a
useless fun activity.I say nurture Creativity.Look around you, Your phone, your laptop, the mug you drink your tea from , your clothes , your shoes, the pen your holding, the cover of the book you’re reading, your makeup packaging, your toaster, mines a ‘Smeg’, its a piece of Art right there on my kitchen counter…All designed by someone with a Creative mind and probably
with a Fine Art Degree. We need Artists and Designers.They can create what can be imagined and see the world through a different eye.
Creativity is not an option, its Essential…So go on, in Art and in Life……..Get Creative

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