Sold Works

Sold Works

A Tangled Mess of Silky Love 60x90cm SOLD

As Time Plays It’s Part 70x50cm €900 SOLD

Blue Heaven 40x40cm SOLD

Blue Jasmine 60x40cm €700 SOLD

Carnival 60x40cm SOLD

Chloe in The Morning 60x40cm SOLD

Come To The City & All It’s Possibilities 80x80cm €1,600 SOLD

Come to the Streets, Let your heart be Stolen 70x50cm SOLD

Come to the streets, My Love 30x40cm SOLD

Dance In Our Souls 70x50cm €890 SOLD

Devil In A Red Coat 60×40 €680 SOLD

Distracted World 40x40cm SOLD

Don’t look for me in The Crowd 60x40cm SOLD

Go Headlong to the City We Love 80x100cm SOLD

Go Outside let your Heart be Stolen 70x50cm SOLD

Go Outside Let Your Heart’s Be Stolen 1000×1200 €3,500 SOLD

Headlong To The City We Love 60x60cm €890 SOLD

Katie Waits 30×40 €350 SOLD

Little By Little Through Streets We Weave 60×40 €680 SOLD

Little By Little through streets we weave 70x50cm SOLD

Losing my way, but finding my Soul 80x80cm SOLD

Love still Lingers Here 60x40cm SOLD

Mid-Summer Girl 70×50 €890 SOLD

Night-Hawks 60x60cm €890 SOLD

No Ordinary Girl 60×40 €680 SOLD

Over The Smooth Ground Of Certanties 120x100cm €3,000 SOLD

Paris is calling! I’ve found my Sweet Escape 80×80 SOLD

Shopping for lily 70x50cm €890 SOLD

Shopping For Lily 80×80 €1600 SOLD

Shopping for Louis 60x40cm SOLD

Softest Of Days 70x50cm €890 SOLD

Somehwere Else 60x40cm €680 SOLD

Stella in the Morning 60x90cm SOLD

Sweet Soul City 60×40 €680 SOLD

Take me Home my Sweet Marie 60x40cm SOLD

Take Me To The City I Love 70x50cm SOLD

Take Our Busy Hearts To The City 50×70 €890 SOLD

Take To The Streets & Liberate Your Soul 70x70cm €1,200 SOLD

Take Us To The City 70x50cm €900 SOLD

That Day In The Lemon Coloured Light 70x70cm €1,200 SOLD

The Cinder Path 60×40 €680 SOLD

The City Is Ours 60×90 €1200 SOLD

The End Where I Begin 60x40cm €680 SOLD

The Heart Stilll Plays It’s Part 80x80cm €1,600 SOLD

The Light Depens, The Wind Eases, And We Are Dancing 60x60cm €900 SOLD

The Love Thief 50x70cm €900 SOLD

The Rain Dancers 60x60cm €890 SOLD SOLD

The Softest Day 80x80cm SOLD

The Spaces Between 30x40cm €450 SOLD

The Urbanites 100x80cm €1850 SOLD

The Wandering Soul 60x40cm SOLD

The World goes on as it Must 70x50cm SOLD

The World is Inside 30x40cm SOLD

They Invited The Wild In 50x70cm €900 SOLD

This Beautiful City Is In Her Soul 70x70cm €1,200 SOLD

Weave Through the Beauty of Life 40x40cm €490 SOLD

Wrap me in this Blue Morning 80x80cm SOLD

Wrap Me In This Misty Morning 60x60cm €900 SOLD

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