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Welcome to the website of Miriam Smithers.

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View my take on the tangle of human relationships in everyday life, their personal space, the spaces between, depictions of Urban life and more.

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Act 18: My Studio…..My Home…..My Hub…….

My Studio.....My Home.....My Hub....... Winter is the time for comfort,for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and a talk beside the fire. It is the time for home.... My hiatus is weeks over now but boy! oh boy! did I enjoy the total disconnect.It...

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Act 17: Autumn’s Progress

“Autumn’s Progress" Inspiration exists , but it's got to find you working! Pablo Picasso Today is the first day I've put a Sweater on.The studio was a little chilly on this morning the 1st October .The boob sweat has well and truly gone and the Autumn air is crispand...

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Act 16: “Summers End”

“Summers End” "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall" F. Scott FitzgeraldSo my hiatus from this blog is over.I have had a restful summer. I have been busy with the business of living.I have travelled long and short distances and experienced amazing...

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“Softest Day”

“Wrap Me in This Blue Morning”

“Losing My Way but Finding My Soul”


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“Take me to the City I Love”

“The Wandering Soul”

About Me

A contemporary Oil Painter, an insprational artist that captures human form, interactions, and emotion.

Creator of visual representations of relationships and depictions as Urban life goes on.

An established Contemporary Figurative Artist with a fascination with both the human form and and the Architecture of Urban Living using muted, tonal, mood creating backdrops with shocks of bold colour.

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