“Autumn’s Progress”

Inspiration exists , but it’s got to find you working! Pablo Picasso Today is the first day I’ve put a Sweater on.
The studio was a little chilly on this morning the 1st October .The boob sweat has well and truly gone and the Autumn air is crisp
and fresh.There’s raindrops on the window, the rain is whipping up at night and there’s mist rolling in.So the time has arrived, to ‘Break out the Sweaters’. Who doesn’t love a cosy Autumn.
So I’ve had a great couple of months.I have Sold Paintings, completed commissions and had two shows.One very successful and one not so much but funnily enough a lot more enjoyable .Shows are really important to me.They are hard graft and take a lot of organising and preparing but they get eyes on my work and I get to meet lots of new clients and make new contacts.I work hard and if you work hard you get the goodies.
My Paintings always start with an idea, when you think about it everything imaginable has started with one idea in one person’s mind.I see something that stirs, I observe , I take a picture, I try to capture a mood ,a time , a place. I don’t like to get too literal with the composition and I tend to let the Painting develop as I work the Paint over the canvas but the original idea will be there and the emotion will emerge.It’s all in the prep. Process is everything in a Painting and arriving at the finished work is never as much fun as all the mishaps along the way.
Right now I’ve got two major shows coming up back to back.One in Dublin and one in Cork.Its an exciting time for me and my Studio is a hub of Busyness.There’s a huge amount of canvases in the studio from mini to major pieces and all at various stages in my process.Domesticity is totally left by the wayside for the next 6 weeks.(Sorry kids , its every man for himself) along with my own personal beauty habits.It will be 6 weeks before my hair, nails ,brows will look half way decent but hey! I will have some great works of Art.I can see progress already.I have a stack of canvases prepped. The composition is on and they are thirsty for Paint.
My eldest daughter is home from Chicago after 18 months and we are back to a busy family of 6 again which means plenty of little interruptions throughout my day. I have no worry when they come in and out of my working space.They have become my muses for a lot of my new interior work and it’s usually to bring me me a coffee or offer me critique…sometimes leaving me bereft but most times leaving me cake…..

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