Life Gets In Between

“It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it. It’s not what you see, It’s how you look at it.
Its not how your Life is, It’s how you Live it”.

I’ve always loved that line from ‘Pulp Fiction’……
“Oh! I’m sorry, did I break your Concentration”. Samuel .L. Jackson delivers it so well. So well in fact that when I’m deep in the process of Painting and I’m rudely interrupted by something from my normal Life I can hear his voice in my head , delivering this very line from this very brilliant movie……There’s another line I love from that movie .
Tim Roth’s “I Love you too Honey Bunny” but that’s for another day.
Anyway I have been thinking about interruptions lately and how annoying they can sometimes be when you work from a Home Office or Studio.Lets not mention the Fridge… However I have learned that sometimes these irksome little annoyances are sometimes welcome
and can give you the jolt you need to get back to reality and well ,get back to Life.
An interruption during a marathon Painting session can often kill a great moment of inspiration in the Painting.You can lose your train of thought completely and your vision for the work can be shifted off kilter. However sometimes the interruptions
can make you stop, take a step back breathe in, breathe out and decide what to do next.
I have often been three hours with a piece ,non stop , nose to canvas almost and been interrupted by a doorbell or the bloody dishwasher beeping to telling me my dishes are done.It throws up the opportunity to step away and look at the Painting. It can sometimes be a disaster .Hours down the swanny . So Life’s little interruptions are good and welcome in my book.
I don’t have much of a choice really. There’s 6 humans in this house and a frisky beagle ,all on different schedules from work, college , school and travel so interruptions are something i cannot avoid and to be honest i don’t want to.
Its important for me as an Artist to connect to the small ordinary fractures in my day. To connect with the people I love , to find the kind of moments that take my breath away and the kind of moments that can change a Painting.
there is so much to feel in this world and I want to feel it all……

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