Fifty Years In The Making

So tell me ,what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and
precious Life….
Mary Oliver.

So at what age do you think we as humans hit our stride.Can we even put an age on it.I really don’t think we can.If we take a look back at Art History there has been a huge number of Artists who worked well in to their Winter years ,even producing some of their best work.Take Matisse for instance. His Famous Cut-Outs or Paintings with scissors as he liked to call them ,he did from his bed well in to his
early 80’s.There’s Picasso who was still Painting until he died at 91 and Monet at 86.He was suffering with cataracts when he painted The Water Lillies….
I turned 50 last week and although it’s something I really didn’t relish the thought of , boy have I had a blast Celebrating ,
and its not over yet. I feel Lucky to have come this far.I don’t want to go back to my youth, Algebra is back there…
I am 4 years old in the photo above with my whole Life stretched in front of me.Another 46 years and yet when I look at this picture I still see me. I’m still the same Happy Girl enjoying Life and still open to the Wonders ahead of me.
I really do feel too young to be this old, but I guess we all feel younger than our real age as the Spirit never ages and mine is still 25.
To me to Live a richly satisfying Life means one full of contrast.Soft Rains, Comfy Shoes, Great Company, Good Conversations
But also Adrenaline and Adventure, Drunken spontaneity and Road-Trips. I am determined to embrace this Life for all that it has to offer me because in the wise words of Picasso,
It takes a long time to become Young…..

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