“Waiting to Exhale”

‘Life has a way of testing a persons will,either by having nothing happen at all
or by having everything happen at once’.
– Paula Coelho

If your’e anything like myself you most likely have a Love/Hate relationship with social-media.You go on just for a minute while the kettle’s boiling and before you know it the water’s luke-warm and you’ve lost an hour. However for an Artist it’s an
amazing tool .I can’t imagine how small my little Artistic world would be if I didn’t have Social Media.I see people out there
doing their thing and spurring me on to make more Art.However in the last year I have found it so so difficult to keep up.
The Social Landscape is changing all the time and its getting harder to stay in the game…It really isn’t enough anymore to just show up and post a pic.You have to understand the rules of the game and be able to play it without losing your will. It’s so fast and the addition of “Stories” &” igtv videos” to some of the platforms has taken it to a new
level. The average person today receives more information on a daily basis than the average person received in a lifetime
in the 1900. More than 3.2 billion images are shared daily on Social Media posts and if you love your top brands, they’re
all hanging out on Instagram, all 85% of them. So…… I’m exhausted!!, aren’t you.
Lets face it ,as an Artist I’d really rather be in the Studio creating therefore sometimes I’m at odds with the whole Social Media
thing.It is sometimes a case of ,If you cant beat them ,Join them….or in my case, out of breath keeping up with them.
I’m still waiting to exhale.
You see I get easily distracted by all things creative. I’m not only an Artist, I’m also a female who loves hair and make-up, fashion, travel, good food, fitness, interior design and so on and
I love getting tips for all these things from Social Media too…..so whats a girl to do. My favourite social media platform is Instagram but as much as it has helped me with my Art it has caused me a small degree of stress too.Knowing I need to post something about my day or my Paintings adds extra unwanted pressure to my workload, which can reduce my productivity
but hey ,I’ve got to stay in the game……or do I?
I’ve a major show coming up in 6 weeks time and I’m excited with how my new body of work is shaping up. Inevitably preparing for a show comes with moments of anxiety and daily stressers but I’m certainly not going to let social media be one of them. There’s a sense of urgency in the studio .I have to act quickly on decisions, hustle and get things done.Its a mad time but its a great time and besides I have a Calm in my Storm to help
me through. He knows who he is and funnily enough he doesn’t care for social media.

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