Running out of Sweetness

Eat a live Frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen
to you the rest of the day…
Mark Twain
Yeh,I think I’ll pass on that one….I’m delighted to say this is my tenth blog .I havent missed a week since I started it and even though it’s my monday blog and today is now tuesday, it might not get published until wednesday but hey whoopee for me, Im still blogging…It’s a funny old business being a Creative Entrepreneur. It’s not
all fun inspired days in the Studio and wine receptions at fancy Galleries. There’s a lot at stake and your livelihood is contstantly put on the line.There is so much to be done Admin, Marketing, Social Media,My Blog, Shipping, Archiving ,Choosing Prints and of course the physical act of Painting.
I have a Show coming up at the end of May in the RDS in Dublin so with all the different things that have to be done aside from all the Painting I will practically be on lock-down for the next eight weeks or so.Its at this time that I run out of sweetness and my head and heart are in see-saw mode with highs and excitment about a million new ideas and lows, when the inner critic and self doubt start to rear their ugly heads. However I do try and stay positive and for the most part I do and its at these times my Family let me take the time I need grabbing extra hours in my day for all the preperations.They constantly encourage me, they are my best and worst critics but they give me the space I need to breathe and invest my time in to my Painting.
Living in a City like Dublin has fed my well of Creativity for years.It has provided me with endless visual imagery and has led me to become the Painter I am today. However in the last number of years I go to my Summer Studio in Wicklow , sounds very fancy but its really a little tin house in the middle of a field.I do have fab neighbours though.I leave my beloved city and get outta Dodge as they say and I immerse myself in the Irish Landscape.This has really helped me develop my Painting Style.
and my palette has become more muted, more tonal with less narrative…So for the next wee while I will be busy in my Studio. My goal is 30 Paintings,it always is coming up to a major show. I cannot say now whether I will reach that target but its 30 Paintings, sometimes they take weeks ,sometimes they take days, sometimes its hours in the corner crying…Okay thats a bit dramatic, but yes its still blood, sweat and tears….

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