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Welcome to the website of Miriam Smithers.

Read about me, purchase prints, purchase unique paintings and view my work.

View my take on the tangle of human relationships in everyday life, their personal space, the spaces between, depictions of Urban life and more.

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Act 12: Hey Babe! What’s your name…

Hey Babe! What’s your name... Art is not what you see, but what you make others see... Edgar Degas So What's in a name....Well the name of the Painting above is pretty self explanatory. Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss".The painting depicts a couple embracing, well he's...

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Act 11: Oh Mona!

Oh Mona! Art is our own true global language. It knows no Nation,It favours no Race,and it acknowledges no Class.It speaks to our need to reveal, heal and transform. It transends our ordinary livesand lets us imagine what is possible...Richard KamlerIf you had a...

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Act 10: Running out of Sweetness

Running out of Sweetness Eat a live Frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happento you the rest of the day...Mark TwainYeh,I think I'll pass on that one....I'm delighted to say this is my tenth blog .I havent missed a week since I started it and even...

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View recent works, art available to buy and a selection of work that I love creating.

“Softest Day”

“Wrap Me in This Blue Morning”

“Losing My Way but Finding My Soul”


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“Take me to the City I Love”

“The Wandering Soul”

About Me

A contemporary Oil Painter, an insprational artist that captures human form, interactions, and emotion.

Creator of visual representations of relationships and depictions as Urban life goes on.

An established Contemporary Figurative Artist with a fascination with both the human form and and the Architecture of Urban Living using muted, tonal, mood creating backdrops with shocks of bold colour.

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