Getting My Groove On

‘You will never always be Motivated,
so you must learn to be Disciplined’.

Getting a routine going and sticking to it can be more important than having a lot of time and no Plan.
My Hubby has always been a man with a Plan.He knows when he wakes each day what his Plan for the day ahead
will be.Its always been a running joke as he would turn to me and ask ‘Whats your Plan today Mir,
knowing full well I didn’t have one.. …..
However since becoming a one-person Business Owner ,Artist and Self-Promoter and basically Boss Woman I realised very quickly that boy , do I need a Plan, Lots of Plans, Daily Plans.
I have learned however that not every day is a good day in the Studio and sometimes all the planning in the world wont make a good Painting. Last week there was a couple of days when nothing was going my way. My colour mixing was flat on the palette,
What I had in my head refused to come out on the Canvas and nothing seemed to be working.I guess the wonderful Birthday Celebrations had left me a little hungover and slightly bereft in the aftermath of all the Shenanigans and
I couldn’t get my groove on……..
It can be a scary time for any Artist /Writer/Creator when this happens.It can be a little impossible to manage and you hope it will pass quickly .The clock is ticking, the sun is rising and setting and there are plans that you have to keep.Thankfully by Thursday and Friday my Groove was back and Life in the studio was humming again.
But it got me thinking ,the hubby is dead right. I need to plan ,not just for the days when it’s all rolling along nicely ,the colours are singing ,the canvases are getting their Paint on ,and I’m having a fab ole’ time. I also need to plan for those times when its not going well, when the paint is bland, when the perspective is off and the Artist herself is having a bad day and not just with her hair. I need to embrace the uncertainty and put my energy elsewhere in my Art because when you hesitate, procrastinate, stumble and bumble with no clear plan………Life just passes you by .

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